To facilitate students research there are five specialized laboratories in the department. These laboratories are equipped with instruments for the synthesis, characterization and application based research. Here is the list of major equipment of the laboratories.

Fiber Optic Spectrometer
Immersion Bath Circulator
High Vacuum Pump
Schlenk Line
Universal Testing Machine
Ultra-violet Spectrophotometer
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer
Ultra sonic bath
Vacuum evaporator
Freeze drier
Water distillation system
Electrochemical Analyzer
Microwave oven
Hot Plate with magnetic stirrerpH meter
FTIR, Shimadzu 8400
Potentiostat/Galvanostat Hokuta Denko Ltd. HAB-151
Polarimeter Atago Polak-D
Density Meter Chempro/PAAR DMA 60
Furnace Carbolite RWF-1200
TensiometerKruss K9
Thermostat BathJSR C-13C
Freeze DryerHeto FD3
Vacuum Oven Memmert
Ultrasonic BathPower Sonic 505
Drying Oven Daihan Labtech Company Ltd
Ostwald Viscometer Gallen Kamp
Oven GenLab MAXO/250
Mechanical Stirrer Wisestir HS-50A
Shaker Stuart, Orbital Shaker SSL1
Shaker LRD 7500

Beside these equipment, the department sometimes uses the facilities of other department of BUET and other organization of outside BUET by collaboration and payment system.